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The Consilium of Shattered Glass:


The Consilium of Shattered Glass is constructed of six cabals forming a ruling body of one Hierarch and five Counsilors. Protocol dictates that all members have the right to be called upon to speak during official discussions, but that only those who are Counsilors have the right to vote on official resolutions and actions.

Hierarch: Karna Adamantine Arrow of The Singing Blade

Hierarch (in absntia): Cronus Adamantine Arrow of The Singing Blade

Councilor: Ticktock Free Council of The Wayward Omen

Councilor: Hypatia Mysterium of The Librarium Eternal

Councilor: Windsor Silver Ladder of The Hallowed Path

Councilor: Aram Guardian of the Veil of The Gilded Beacon

Councilor: Canute Adamantine Arrow of The Tattered Page


The Librarium Eternal: Holders of the Athenaeum. This cabal is traditionally the most knowledgeable in all things arcane, but access to the revered library is restricted. Mysterium members get in for free, but others must pay or be vouched for by the Hierarch.

The Hallowed Path: The Brazen Tongue, as they are often called, form the political backbone of the Consilium and deal with all things politics in the mortal world.

The Wayward Omen: Masters of technology and fate. They have carved out an invisible empire in the digital world and are known to hold a disproportionate amount of wealth and cyber-influence.

The Gilded Beacon: A secretive cabal comprised mostly of Guardians. They have a single Mysterium member, to meet the Hierarch’s mandate, to act as a scribe and book-keeper.

The Tattered Page: Currently fallen on hard times with the death of their former leader, the Tattered Page is traditionally a group of Private Investigators, bizarre Occultists, and Archaeologists. Originally Mysterium in bent, their calling has come to lure in members from across all orders. They do have access within their Sanctum to their own library, but it is not available to public consumption like the Athenaeum is.

The Singing Blade: The power-house within the Consilium. The Singing Blade boasts numerical superiority, superior firepower, and sheer combat aptitude. This is the Cabal that led the spearhead in 1960 that broke the backs of the Seers. It contains primarily Adamantine Arrows, but boasts a couple of Guardians and a Free Council mage as well.


1) No cabal is to comprise of members strictly of one Order. To do so is to invite dissolution. In the case of a cabal consisting of a singular order due to a death, then two weeks will be given to find a replacement.

2) The position “Hierarch in absentia” is added to the Consilium roster.

3) If the Hierarch is unavailable to act in official capacity, then all Hierarch business goes to the Hierarch in absentia Cronus.

The Lex Magica:

1) The Precept of Secrecy: Keep sorcery from those who do not practice it.

2) The Precept of Recognition: Those Mages who are recognized by the Consilium must abide by its mandates and the Lex Magica, but are afforded the rights and protections that go hand in hand with these decrees.

3) The Precept of Protectorate: Announce the location of your Sanctum to the Councilors (in a private meeting) and receive official backing in times of need as well as a guarantee of punishment to those who violate your territory.

4) The Precept of Hubris: Some magic should never be used on sentient beings. Cast your spells wisely.

5) The Precept of War is NOT Recognized: All inter-cabal disputes that can not be resolved civilly are to be taken to Consilium.

6) Judgements: The Consilium holds the right to pass judgement on any of its members. Punishments will be meted out in accordance with the tradition of the Lex Magica.

Other Titles:

The Ferryman: Strabo of The Librarium Eternal

The Departed: Labrys of The Singing Blade


Cacophony of the Damned

Wolves of the Valley

Trash Culture:


The Strange


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