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Seattle: Portal to the Pacific:

A beacon of hope in the west. A center of enlightenment and the gateway to Alaska. Seattle stands firmly as one of the United States’s most rapidly developing liberal centers. Asiatic, Western, and Native American cultures blend vibrantly into a unique life of their own while industry and progress blossom.

The world is never so simple though, and all is not well in the Portal to the Pacific. Beneath the glimmering exterior of hope lies a land where homelessness skyrockets, infrastructure crumbles, and the poor turn against one another like starving animals. It is a place where the ideals of liberalism twist into fascistic police crackdowns, strict social castes, and where the weight of the government suffocates those it claims to protect.


The Consilium of Shattered Glass:

In the 1960’s Seattle was a city won. The Seer’s power-base had been snapped by the combined might of the Diamond and Free Council and they fled from an Adamantine Arrow onslaught like animals before a flame. The Consilium of Hope Reborn stood ascendant amid the rubble of ousted tyrants and the Heirarch declared that the spoils of war be divided on a first come first serve basis to those cabals who had actively participated.

Behind them the Seer’s left a trail of gilded debris across the Sea-Tac area. The collected excess of fifty years of rule: Hallow’s, sanctum’s, artifacts, and libraries, was put up for grabs all at once. The Pentacle cabals swarmed over the scraps like gluttonous spirits upon hemorrhaging essence. It was a golden age and a time of enlightenment.

With gluttony and pride came sickness. As The Consilium of Hope Reborn grew in strength at its victory it swelled with hubris. A narrow council vote saw its members opt to change their name to represent the defeat of their previous nemesis rather than continuing their push for the ideal of a brighter future. The glass Exarch “Morevena”, The Lady in Black, The Dark Witch, had finally lost her hold over the city after her fifty year reign.

The Consilium of Shattered Glass was born.


An Impossible Curse:

Rumor has it that several years after Morevena’s defeat a strange curse fell upon The Consilium of Shattered Glass. Tails are told of horrific accidents, ghosts, reincarnations, and hallucinations. Although none can recall events like these striking in recent memory, one thing is certain. Over the course of the years those in the Consilium, and their close families, seem to suffer more than most.

The Consilium itself often seems spooked. Like everyone is walking on eggshells.


The Tattered Page:

What was once a Panopticon storehouse is now a Pentacle bookstore only a couple blocks away from Denny Park. The Tattered page was founded upon the remnants the old Seer cabal’s hideout upon its dissolution in late 1959. It boasts a large storefront, a three bedroom apartment upstairs, a large one room meeting hall and sanctum for a basement, and four layers of sub-basement library beneath that.

Most sensitive or dangerous panopticon material has long since been lost to time, culled by the guardians, or been given to the local Athenaeum for safe keeping, but the library still exists. Bolstered over the years by the various passing members of The Tattered Page it has slowly grown to resemble its once former glory. It is in particular a haven of local historical information, supernal folklore, and information on local terata.

The Hidden Grotto:

A rumor exists and is often spread to new members of The Tattered Page by way older members (despite a cabal edict forbidding it) that there is more to the basement than meets the eye. It states that somewhere in one of the sub-basements lies a hidden trap-door to a fifth sub-basement, cavern, or pocket dimension. A place that no Pentacle mage has ever opened, not even the Guardians, because the key needed to open it is missing. Legend has it that they simply hid the trap door and hoped time would forget about it. The key, if real, is supposedly hidden within one of the old panopticon tomes.

Even still. The Guardians would surely have found it by now if it existed.


Reign of the Tetrarch:

Word is starting to spread of the return of the Seers. After fifty years in absentia Praetorian assassins are rumored to wander the city after dark. With the Consilium’s strength in decline many worry that the Seer’s have finally found the opening they have been looking for. An opportunity to wrest back their crown from their Pentacle usurpers.


Land of the Old Gods:

As the fires of progress and civilization pushed westward so too did the monsters. Many of the old masters of North America fled organized humanity. All along the west coast, with no-where left to run, they made their stand. Seattle is no different. Powerful spirits stalk the shadow realm, elder vampires hunt in the streets, and bands of werewolves bloody one another under a cold winter’s rain. Other stranger things also exist. Ghosts that walk with mortals, fae creatures that steal souls, ape men who abduct children, and unusual lights in dark forests at night are all common-fare.

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